How it Works

TruCon REM is revolutionizing the construction industry by easily connecting contractors and owner-operators. With TruCon REM, keep your projects moving and trucks working while reducing downtime and time spent looking for trucks. Whether you’re a contractor or an owner-operator, TruCon REM transforms construction logistics with more trucks on-site, more work in your calendar and more revenue for your business.

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Change the Way You Find Trucks

TruCon provides exactly what you need – trucks that deliver day after day. It’s like a virtual fleet of trucks and drivers at your disposal just waiting to be booked based on the materials you need hauled and the type of truck required to get the job done. With TruCon, it’s never been easier to manage jobs and find trucks to keep your projects moving. Stop playing phone tag and start keeping your projects on time and on budget.

We Find Trucks For You

  • Quickly Find, Book and Schedule Trucks

    Book and schedule trucks days, or even weeks in advance.

  • Receive Notifications

    Receive instant notifications when a truck accepts or cancels a job.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Step #1: Create an Account

Follow our simple account creation process and begin hiring trucks.

Step #2: Post, Manage and Modify Jobs

Post Jobs

Post a job and search for matching trucks.

Book or Schedule Trucks

Flexibility to accept more jobs and book more trucks on one platform. Filter jobs by date, status and location.

Modify a Job

Modify job descriptions, cancel or reschedule without recreating your listing.

Step #3: Hire Trucks

Our “Find a Truck” page empowers contractors to quickly find trucks for their jobs. The simple 3-step process matches you with available trucks that meet your project’s specifications.


Truck Solutions with Freedom Built In

No matter where the job takes you, TruCon keeps you connected. Turn your truck into a mobile office so you can accept loads anywhere, anytime. With TruCon, you’ll spend less time on the phone and more time on the road, making the most out of your truck or fleet.

Choose the Jobs You Want, When You Want

  • Quickly Find, Book and Schedule Jobs

    Accept and schedule jobs days or even weeks in advance to keep your trucks loaded and on the road.

  • Get Real-Time Job Information

    View you job details, including location, rates and load types.

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Step #1: Create an Account

Create your account to allow contractors find work for your trucks.

Step #2: Add, Manage and Modify a Truck

Add a Truck

Enter your truck description and specifications.

Manage Your Truck or Fleet

Manage and filter your trucks by availability.

Modify Your Truck or Fleet

Change truck availability, status, details and more.

Step #3: Get Hired

Our system allows Contractors to quickly find trucks for their jobs. The simple 3-step process matches trucks to jobs based on specifications, availability and rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the TruCon platform? Check out our FAQ page for commonly asked questions.